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Wheeler &

Daniel Bulatkin (CZ)  - Piano

Allison Wheeler (USA) - Vocal

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Studierende: "pay as much as you can"
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Allison Wheeler is a jazz/contemporary vocalist, educator, and composer from Monterey, California (USA). She is a versatile singer with a heavy focus on improvisation and a love for creative challenge. Allison dropped out of art school to pursue jazz in 2015 and recently graduated with a degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado, where she studied under Julia Dollison and renowned vocal jazz arranger/director Kerry Marsh. Last spring, she was awarded the Down Beat student music award for 2018 Undergraduate Vocal Soloist and has won three others (2016, 2017, 2018) in the Graduate category as a member of Vocal Lab, the university’s premiere vocal jazz ensemble. Allison has had the pleasure of performing alongside artists such as the New York Voices, Aubrey Logan, and Vertical Voices and at events including the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Greeley Jazz Festival, and the annual Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference. In central Europe she’s shared the stage with internationally renowned musicians including Russ Spiegel (USA), Robert Balzar (CZ), Luboš Soukup (CZ) etc. and while on tour performed at notable venues such as the Jazz Dock in Prague and Jazzinec Festival in Trutnov. She is also a member of faculty on the Czech Jazz Workshop and has taught summer clinics at the Monterey Jazz Festival. 

She is currently accompanied by the young Czech jazz pianist Daniel Bulatkin (Ulf Wakenius, Tineke Postma, Justin Faulkner…), who "promises to become one of the masters of today's jazz" [Jazz Journalists Association]. With him and their band, Allison will record her debut album in 2021, which plans to feature a string quartet and international guest stars.





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