Donnerstag, 05. Dez. 2019,  19.30 h

Felix Biller – Keys
Martin Melzer – Bass
Christoph Karas – Drums


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Eintritt € 15 / Studierende: pay as much as you can 

Veranstaltet von: Jazz im Kunsthaus

Kunsthaus Hafenstrasse, Eingang Galerie, Erdgeschoss


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 PRIM was formed in 2015 by three musicians associated with Vienna’s vibrating music scene and they have since then managed to impress critics and crowds alike with their progressive sound and technical virtuosity. The cultural scene of Vienna – the world’s capital of classical music – serves as an interesting background for their rather experimental but nonetheless accessible style. Their intriguing compositions and innovative use of the standard piano trio line-up differentiate them from standard jazz trios. Despite their diverse musical inspirations and individual manner of playing, they complement each other perfectly. Christoph Karas' polyrhythmic illusions and drum & bass rhythms match Felix Biller's film-musical expressivity and classically-inspired, lyrical melodies as well as Martin Melzer's occasionally contrapuntal basslines.