Biagio COPPA Trio

Donnerstag, 04. Juli 2019,  19.30 h

Biagio Coppa - Tenor & Soprano Sax

Marco Rottoli - Bass

Matteo Rebulla - Drums


 Ort der Veranstaltung

Kunsthaus Hafenstrasse, Eingang 2, Erdgeschoss


Veranstaltet von: Jazz im Kunsthaus




Slam Dunk Project

A new and intriguing project of the saxophonist and composer Biagio Coppa who with this trio continues to move forward with the development of his own original language, that is completely free from preordained and guessable ways of doing.


The sophisticated compositional and arrangement techniques are the real support in the construction of sound scenarios that serves to stimulate unpredictable and totally transversal improvisational paths: New York avant-garde and European contemporary music references are always at the forefront, but with attentive listening it is perceived that the basic idea is that nothing is forbidden, nothing is indispensable, everything is possible.


The intimacy offered by an exquisitely acoustic Trio, Sax - Bass - Drums, also certainly favors the sense of expressive freedom, of extemporaneous and unique execution where the verb dare becomes the main key to reading this fascinating music proposal.

All arrangements and compositions by Biagio Coppa. The CD for Slam Dunk Project will be recorded by the end of March 2019.




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